“I am originally from Brookfield, CT.  The first 8 years of my life were awesome, if you think about the perfect childhood, I had it.  Around the time I was 8 there was a situation that geared me toward a different path in life, the ages of 8-12 were a really confusing time for me.  I was depressed, at 11 my parents filed for a divorce and I began seeing a counselor.  Even at that age I remember being able to see a difference between the “good” and “bad” kids,  I always aligned with the “bad” crew.  This lead to me smoking weed for the first time at 13.  I never viewed marijuana as a gateway drug, for me it was just something “bad”, and that whole process was awesome to me…..I am the type of person who whenever I start something I go for it 150%, so within two weeks of me trying marijuana for the first time, I was now selling it.  Fast forward a few months and the cops were raiding my house….I was 14 years old.  And thats where it all began.”

“I was experimenting with different types of drugs at this time and when I was 15 I was injured while playing football and was prescribed Percocet.  I took them as prescribed for a few days and then one day a friend recommended to me that I “just try sniffing it”, and that was the day that everything changed. Opiates made me feel like worlds happiest person.  I was engaging, talkative, and outgoing but as it happens with most people, my using rapidly increased.  Thats when things started to become a huge problem.”