“I am sure everyone has that one part of their story where they say they will never use heroin.  It just so happened that one day I couldn’t get pills and was very sick and I ended up somewhere with a bunch of my friends.  They had all tried heroin that night for the first time.  I remember looking at one of my friends and asking, “How is it?”.  He looked at me in all seriousness and said, “Im gonna be hooked”.  They passed me a bag and I did it.  I remember driving away from there feeling a warmness surrounding me and I knew then that I should never do this again.  None of us should have been doing it.  The friend that told me he was gonna be hooked was right, he did get hooked that night.  He was addicted and ultimately lost his life because of it.”

“Ive lost just about everything.  I went from this sweet kid who everyone liked to be with, to someone who my mother couldn’t speak to for two and a half years.  I lost the trust of my family and friends.  This perfect image I had of who I was got completely destroyed.  My friends were all advancing in life and I was stuck, and that was such a difficult place to be.”

“A lot of people have this perception when they see a junkie on the side of the street, they feel that they are better than them.  I was no different from them.  Whenever I was getting high I was just like the junkie on the side of the road, we had one thing on our mind, and thats getting high.  The difference is I still had things in my life that made me look decent, but inside I was just as broken.”