“Ive lost just about everything.  I went from this sweet kid who everyone liked to be with, to someone who my mother couldn’t speak to for two and a half years.  I lost the trust of my family and friends.  This image of who I was got completely destroyed.  My friends were all advancing in life and I was stuck, and that was such a difficult place to be.”

“A lot of people have this perception when they see a junkie on the side of the street, they feel that they are better than them.  I was no different from them.  Whenever I was getting high I was just like the junkie on the side of the road, we had one thing on our mind, and thats getting high.  The difference is I still had things in my life that made me look decent, but inside I was just as broken.”

“I had a few stints in detox and rehab and would go to meetings and basically just go through the motions because I wasn’t ready to truly get clean.  I was the worlds best speaker at meetings, the problem was that I would normally be doing heroin in the bathroom before hand.  In some way the validation I got from people after I would speak or share made me feel better about myself and I really enjoyed it.”

“After I series of really terrible events I knew I couldn’t continue living like this.  I was just so exhausted, I was done and that was it.  I went to my mother and told her I could do this anymore.  the next day I walked into the Methadone clinic.  I know that it isn’t really the best route to go, and it was very difficult to get off of, but I needed something immediately or I would have been dead. From that day forward I never did another opiate and my life was changed forever.”