“I was on methadone for 5 years.  For the last two years I was tapering down to try and get off of it.  Coming off of methadone was the most difficult thing Ive ever done.  I had a ton of support from my father and online communities that gave me the motivation.  I also had gotten back into school…..”
“The main thing that got me back on track was getting back into school.  One day I saw a flier advertising what I thought was free counseling, little did I know that when I called I would end up becoming a certified counselor myself.  I really used what I learned and started giving back a little bit.  That was the most impactful time for me.  I had people holding me accountable on a daily basis.”
“I believe life is about energy. if you give good energy you get good back, if you give bad you get bad back.  And there are still things that I continue to get punished for….and rightfully so.  I hurt a lot of people, I hurt myself and I was sick for a long time.  So you get clean and go through life thinking everything is great, and once in a while things come up and your reminded of your past life”
“As hard as things may seem at the moment, things can get better.  It will not happen over night.  Gaining back all you’ve lost from your addiction seems absolutely impossible.  But if you start small with one thing and work on yourself, for yourself.  Once you accomplish one thing you can move onto the next and all of a sudden you’ve put your life back together.”
“Just be yourself, put in the work, and life figures itself out”