“In 9th grade, after watching my sister get really involved in drugs and alcohol during middle school, it was really frustrating me more than anything else. I kinda wanted to see what the scene was for myself. I had always been very anti drug and alcohol before then, but my drinking and smoking quickly became daily. Toward the end of freshman year I was introduced to OxyContin, and something that night when I did it just changed and triggered in my head that everything was gonna be OK. I got sick. I got really sick and…
I couldn’t wait to do it again, and there was no turning back after that.”

“I hadn’t been living at home, and my parents were not OK with what I was doing. It was pretty clear I was living a drug addict’s life. I came home one night and I slept there, woke up the next morning to get ready for work and state narcotics troopers tackled me to the kitchen floor. One of the cops whispered into my ear as I stood up, ‘Look at what you’ve done’, and he turned me around, handcuffed, to look at my mother, sister, and father and that’s something I will never forget. I felt really low.”

“In January of 2007 I was basically living out of my car in Bridgeport. Occasionally I would spring for a hotel, but I really didn’t have many people to turn to. People didn’t trust me, and rightfully so. One night I was pretty sick and I desperately called my mom and begged her to let me sleep home just one night, I promised I wouldn’t rob her or steal anything. She could have my wallet…she could have my keys. I felt like my end was near and thankfully she let me come home. I was in detox the next morning.”