“Growing up in Newtown all we did was lose friends…the first significant loss would come in 2010. My best friend had been sober for about 3 years. He had never been into opiates at all. He relapsed, drank, and ending up breaking his neck and was prescribed morphine. It was his first taste of opiates and when his prescription ran out he wanted more. He decided to try heroin and probably hadn’t done it more than a handful of times in his life and he overdosed and died from it. That always hits me because I started doing heroin at 17 and I am 34 now. Somehow I am still here.”

“My sister, who definitely toyed with drugs and played with drugs but was never dependent on them, got extremely depressed and was prescribed a number of medications as a way to try to help herself. I still don’t really know how or why, but she got involved with heroin and had made the decision to try and get better. She checked into a detox but decided not to go to treatment. She had my parents convinced that she was back on track and that she was going to be OK. I was still very hesitant and spoke my mind a little bit. I told her that I didn’t feel what she did was enough. Soon after my life changed forever when my sister was driving and died in a car accident. After I saw the vehicle it was apparent to me that heroin was involved… ”