“After some decent periods of sobriety the loss I experienced showed me that I really didn’t have enough. I went back out and experienced another 3 years of failed attempts and pain. Ultimately that lead me to a treatment center in Florida. I really had no desire to get better and was doing it for all the wrong reasons, but I’m sitting here 3 years later happy I made that choice. Eventually I told myself I was gonna give this a fair shot. I was gonna give it an honest try and see if I could maintain my sobriety, meaning, getting involved in a program, having a strong network of people that are gonna help me and inspire me to stay sober, and create my identity as a sober man. In these last 3 years (since treatment) I have gone through even more loss, painful loss, and to be honest it wouldn’t be that surprising to a lot of people if I were to give up, BUT… I know that wouldn’t bring back the people I lost and there’s a really great chance that I would die. And I’m not ready for that…I know my mother, my sister, and my best friend would be pretty angry with me after all that I’ve gone through and overcome. But I am happy to say that my sobriety is strong today. I keep myself surrounded with good positive guys that are living a sober life and continue to do so.”