“If you’re in the midst of your addiction right now, and you’re really feeling the core of how bad it can be, you’ll do whatever it takes, its always on your mind, you’re always doing something for your addiction, if you’re truly there…I just want you to picture your life on the opposite end of that, where you’re putting all of that desire, work, and effort into living a clean life instead of what you are doing now. Just know you are capable of doing so much good in your life.”

“I wake up every single day not dependent on anything, and I haven’t lived most of my life like that. Its the last thought on my mind and I can make it through everyday without the desire to put something in my body. There’s nothing better than that!”

Note from the founder:

I want to personally and publicly thank Chris for being the first person brave enough to bare their soul on this page. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris since we were young and his story is nothing short of a miracle. He is a true inspiration to so many people and I know his story can change lives.

I also want to thank everyone who has reached out wanting to share their stories. Anyone else interested can email matt@thecaresgroup.org for more information.