“I grew up in New Fairfield, CT, and have a great family. My father is a radio DJ on 95.1, Ethan Carey. Growing up music was always around. My father is a folk artist and my mother is a singer. Needless to say music was a huge part of my life then and still is now. I would say I had a good home life but by the time I was in third or fourth grade it was apparent that I had some struggles with learning. Those struggles spilled over into behavioral issues and I was slapped with the label of “ADHD”, which I rebelled against hard. Before I knew it I was labeled again, this time as a “Problem Child”.

“I found cannabis at a young age and quickly learned that it helped with my anxiety, my fidgeting, and my music. I was smoking regularly by the time I was entering high school. Early in high school it became very clear that I had some emotional issues that needed to be addressed. I sought out professional help and was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder). I specifically remember rejecting that very strongly. In my mind it was just another label and to me it meant that I was a monster. I didn’t really know what it meant but I was scared.”