“Around 16 I was prescribed hydrocodone for an injury and from the first time I took it, a thought came into my mind that, ‘I FUCKING LOVE THIS’…From then on opiates were my number one priority and I was off to the races. I’d have to say this is where my spiraling downward began. I was kicked out of New Fairfield high school for a fight, which I lost by the way. HE KNOCKED ME OUT! I always say that it wasn’t the worst thing to happen because it was obvious that I couldn’t function in the public school system. I was placed in a speciality school in Danbury that focused on helping people who struggled in the traditional system. I finished high school, barely, but I finished. After school I had no real plan and ended up running with the identity and labels that had been placed on me my entire life.”

“Because of my toxic lifestyle, I was kicked out of my parents house and became homeless. I couch hopped for as long as I could, spending some time in the shelter system. Its no way to live. Not knowing if your going to have a roof over your head at night is a very lonely, scary place to be. I remember nights in the dead of winter trying to find comfort in dark alleys. Every once in a while I would be invited back home until I did something to screw it up and would be back out again. During this time of my life I was supporting myself and my growing opiate addiction by selling cannabis and playing music. As I became more and more unstable those resources started to dry up and I couldn’t afford pharmaceutical opiates anymore. Soon I found the cheaper solution to my problem. That was my introduction to heroin and I didn’t want ANYTHING else. This was the start of the worst 6 years of my life.”