“As addicts, we feel so lonely all the time, but there are so many people out there who understand. I knew I needed a change. I started lowering my doses of methadone and made a commitment, with the help of my father, to get back into therapy. I was in another toxic relationship in which my kindness and generosity were being taken advantage of. Through therapy, I was able to identify the unhealthy relationship and make the right decision to get out. They helped me get off the methadone and I really started thriving. All these lights started turning on in my head and I was able to develop a self-awareness that I never had before. I lost 85 pounds, I got my voice back, I started to go out into public, and I finally felt like myself again. I used to need the drugs to feel comfortable enough to talk to people, and now it is just me! That’s an amazing feeling! I cry tears of joy every day thinking about it.”