“Over a year ago I began attending a support group called The C.A.R.E.S. Group that I read about on Facebook. Nothing before ever seemed to be working for me, but within minutes of being in the room, I knew these people understood me. I was able to learn so much, not only about myself, but also about what my son was going through. I began to see a whole other perspective and was able to set boundaries that helped me not allow his addiction to control me. All the while he was homeless, living on the streets of Bridgeport. At one point he was arrested 12 times over a three-day period. He was finally arrested for robbing a 77-year-old woman as she was shopping. I refused to bail him out and he is still behind bars today and may need to serve two to five years. As sad as it is that my son is in jail, our relationship has gotten much better. The facts are that he is clean and I regularly attend my support group to work on myself. These things have given us the ability to still have a relationship. In a way, he is back to being my son before the heroin. I am working on getting myself back.”

“I learned that if you’re going through addiction with someone you love, you need to educate yourself. If it’s not attending a support group like I did, then read and start talking to people. There were so many things I thought I was doing to help my son that really ended up doing just the opposite. Get yourself some support. I always say that if I had found The C.A.R.E.S. Group ten years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have been so emotionally empty.”